Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Bullet  Why can’t I log in to my LinkedIn account?

        Some FeedFriendly users are directed to a LinkedIn-hosted log in page that requires a CAPTCHA entry. If you’re running on an iPhone, the CAPTCHA may not be displayed so you will be unable to complete the login process. For these users, the workaround is to download the official LinkedIn iOS app (, log in via the app on your iPhone, then log in using FeedFriendly.

  1. Bullet  How frequently does FeedFriendly check for new updates when in the background?

    When FeedFriendly starts up, it indicates to iOS that it would like to check for new updates every 15 minutes. However, in practice, iOS will wake up FeedFriendly at 15 minute intervals only when the iOS device is in active use (using FeedFriendly or any other app) but significantly less frequently when the device is not in use.  Please also be aware that FeedFriendly needs to be running although it can be in the background (not the visible app).